Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 month Ultrasound and Belly Pictures

So now that I have figured out this blogging thing, I will do everyone a favor and try to keep them up to date on our pregnancy. I am 14 weeks today (3 1/2 months) and I am feeling pretty normal. I've just been tired and only nauseous here and there, but other than that feeling pretty great. I train with my awesome trainer Angela ( twice a week to keep me in shape during my pregnancy. We are anxiously waiting to find out what we are having. I think it's a boy and Jeremiah thinks it's a girl. Either way we will be happy...we would love to have both. Everyone weighs in on their opinion, it's kind of funny.

I started out weighing 129.8 and I'm currently at 132.4...a few pounds up, but I'm sure that's nothing compared to what I'm in for over the next few months. I had a 3 month ultrasound on 5/11/09 and the pictures are below. Jeremiah took a 14 week belly picture of me as well so we can track the progression outward. Enjoy!

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  1. Yea! You're officially a "blogger"!!! I can't wait to see all these future belly pics!!! (By the way, your pregnant belly right now looks how I do after a large meal. In fact, I probably put you to shame.)